Monday, October 18, 2010

Are these better times?

The "Good old days" is a phrase one hears often uttered by an older person (40+), but were they really? In many ways they were. In this high tech world of computers, Internet, social media, etc there has developed some interesting syndromes.

Executives (mature ones) at management levels in business and organizations of all kinds, sizes and locations (including International) complain about a generation with few interpersonal skills, weak written and verbal communication skills, minimal literacy of the world in general and the frightening thing many hold college degrees. When I was growing up (a century or two ago) education was important to every family I knew and I grew up in a very multicultural environment.

Today the USA is probably the most illiterate of the industrialized nations, do you think marketers take those tens of millions with little skills to read or comprehend into their planning or do they just ignore them although they are a major segment of consumers? Interesting how some think these are "better" times.

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